Admissions in-year and children missing education 2019/20


Placing children (reception to year 11), in vacancies at schools, outside the annual main round admission process and children missing education.

Financial year 2019/20

The maximum number of children receive the benefits of a state education and full use is made of the school places that are available. Children missing education are identified and tracked, and access to education ensured.

Office hours:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5 midday

Planned improvements:

Ongoing process of continued service improvement.

Service directors:

Gary Redhead

Related content:

In-year admissions: Alisha Benning (High) and Safaa Abdel Gawad (Primary), Children and adults’ services.
Children missing education: Frank Jenkinson, Children and adults’ services.

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Last updated: 17 Sep 2019