Audit and investigation 2023/24

This service is available for Maintained schools


We provide:

  • Enhanced employee vetting
  • School and the governing body support
  • Comprehensive and pragmatic assurance and counter fraud service in order to demonstrate that effective governance, internal control and risk management arrangements are in place.
Financial year 2023/24

The extensive knowledge and expertise within the team will:

  • Add value and positively contribute to the achievement of the schools' aims and objectives
  • Support governors and staff in the effective discharge of their responsibilities
  • Working in a shared service environment, this provides increased service resilience and the sharing of best practice
  • Provide innovation and challenge in respect of values and governance standards of the school.

View further benefits and service features in the more detailed information section.

Office hours:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Planned improvements:

Our services are designed and delivered to support ongoing service improvement within schools and the ability to effectively respond to changes in risk and operational environments.

More detailed information:

Service features

Independent assurance on your school's control environment and governance arrangements incorporating self-assessment analysis in respect of the schools financial valuation standard.

Provision of independent and pragmatic advice, guidance and assistance in relation to control, risk and counter fraud arrangements.

Comprehensive counter fraud investigation and advisory service

Enhanced employee vetting designed to support effective recruitment process and to highlight any discrepancies. The vetting process can take between two to three weeks to complete depending on the availability of the necessary information to conduct the vetting. Areas checked through the vetting process, includes:

  • Identity and residence
  • Employment history
  • Verification of references
  • Professional membership and qualifications
  • Check of credit history (when required)
  • Council’s HR and payroll
  • Check of public records.


The extensive knowledge and expertise within the team will:

  • Support and promote the implementation of sound internal controls, encouraging management to take ownership of processes, systems and policies
  • Cost effective and comprehensive investigatory services designed to recover losses from identified fraud
  • Maintain independence and integrity in the evaluation of risk management arrangements
  • Proven track record in the delivery of enhanced vetting activities, identifying 160 individuals who have failed enhanced vetting or withdrawn from the process over the last seven years.

Ealing audit and investigation services.

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Telephone: 0800 328 6453

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Last updated: 15 Feb 2023