Ealing music service 2023/24

This service is available for Academies, Maintained schools and Other schools and settings


Ealing music service provide a comprehensive range of music services from instrumental and singing tuition for children, teachers to lead ensembles and music workshops to a menu of bespoke CPD support for colleagues.

For more information visit www.ealingmusicservice.com

Academic year 2023/24
  • Spark! provides an engaging first experience of ensemble music tuition.
  • Small group tuition is offered on an hourly basis on a variety of instruments.
  • Ensembles can be organised in your school.
  • CPD network meetings and annual music conference
  • Instrument hire pupil or school hires.

We believe that being involved in musical activities has huge benefits from improving IQ to increasing self esteem, building team spirit to developing imagination.

Here’s what the government says:

  • Ofsted say that children’s involvement in music engages and re-engages pupils, increasing their self esteem, and maximising their progress in education and not just in music
  • Research has shown a direct link between music and improved reading ability in children
  • Evidence suggests a link between mathematics and music and a connection between music and increased scores in IQ
  • Music can have a positive impact on personal and social development, including increased self reliance, confidence, self-esteem, sense of achievement and ability to relate to others
  • Participating in music groups and needing to work together towards a common goal, for example school bands, develops discipline, teamwork, cooperation, self-confidence, responsibility and social skills.
Additional / buy back services 

Workshops and projects in schools

Borough ensembles

Singing in schools

  • Sing out together
  • Silver and gold singing school accreditation.
Office hours:

Monday to Friday, term time,10am to 4.45pm.

Planned improvements:

We will develop as a vibrant music hub to maximise the potential of children through diverse collaborative music making, rejuvenating professional learning and accelerating progression pathways for talented young musicians.

Service directors:

Julie Lewis

Related content:

Ealing music service: part of the Ealing Learning Partnership, children and adults’ services.

Additional contact information 

Yogesh Dattani, Head of service, ydattani@ealing.gov.uk

Lee Marchant, Assistant head of service, School provisions, ensembles, events and singing strategy marchantl@ealing.gov.uk

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Last updated: 15 Feb 2023