GovernorHub and GovernorHub Knowledge 2023/24

This service is available for Academies, Maintained schools and Other schools and settings


GovernorHub is a secure place to manage the work of your board with access to expert advice, guidance and training, when you need it, all in one place.

From January 2023, The Key for School Governors will be renamed, 'GovernorHub Knowledge'. Nothing will change, apart from the name. Read the FAQ

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Financial year 2023/24

Ealing School Governor Services has secured a significant discount for Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) schools for The Key Governance which includes GovernorHub and GovernorHub Knowledge

GovernorHub - functionality for boards who purchase:

  • Tools for clerks to manage committees and organise meetings quickly and easily
  • Confidential encrypted online storage of documents in one place, accessible by all the members of your board
  • A shared calendar of meetings
  • Links to DfE and Ofsted data about the school
  • Apps which can be used to download documents to use in meetings even if there’s no Internet access
  • Downloadable reports for meeting attendance, declarations of interest and membership to help comply with statutory requirements
  • Education news locally/nationally
  • A private area for your board to exchange messages and emails
  • Video conferencing meeting facility.

GovernorHub Knowledge

This service for governing boards helps schools to drive great governance. Governors can read jargon-free articles to understand how legislation / statutory requirements affect their school and governing board (GB). You have access to:

  • on-demand training resources, effectively prepare for GB meetings, and
  • download ready-to-use resources such as election templates, skills audits and school visit proformas.

You can download the app - news, significant dates, etc now on your smartphone.

Office hours:

Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

Service directors:

Julie Lewis

More detailed information:

    For more details and a free trial go to the The Key Governance (GovernorHub and GovernorHub Knowledge) website.

    Already purchased directly from the Key for School Governors or GovernorHub?

    You can still benefit from the Ealing discount. A pro rata cost can be applied to cover services until 31 March 2024. To take advantage of this offer please get in touch with Ealing school governance by email

    From 1 April 2023, your memberships of The Key Leaders, Safeguarding and CPD can be purchased and invoiced directly with The Key. They will be in touch prior to your subscription renewal date and provide you with pricing for your 2023/ 2024 subscription. They will include a discount in that for you.

    You will have the opportunity to upgrade to or combine your other membership packages to unlock greater discounts. Please note, this does not affect The Key Governance (GovernorHub & GovernorHub Knowledge). This will still be available to purchase through Ealing Council at an exclusive rate.


    GovernorHub and GovernorHub Knowledge (formerly known as The Key for Governors)

    Further details:

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    Last updated: 03 Jul 2023