HR advice and consultancy 2021/22

This service is available for Academies, Maintained schools and Other schools and settings


An HR consultancy service which meets the needs of schools, including the provision of HR advice, support, briefing and training in the areas of:

  • Child protection
  • Employee relations
  • Restructuring
  • People management
  • Resourcing
  • Pay and conditions
  • Management/Leadership development

Financial year 2021/22
  • Highly qualified team possessing expert knowledge about national and local matters which impact on people management in schools
  • Each school will be supported by named HR staff
  • Service will be tailored where possible to meet the individual needs of schools.
Additional / buy back services 

Expert advice on schools HR and people management issues.
See further details (below) for more information and costs.

Office hours:
  • Monday to Friday, 8.45am to 5pm
  • Will also work evenings eg for governing body events by arrangement.
Planned improvements:
  • Continue to review the HR content on the EGFL and update/revise as necessary to ensure content is fit for purpose.
  • Develop a termly HR newsletter arising out of matters discussed at the HR steering group and HR issues of general interest for circulation to schools buying our service.
  • Attend ELP committees on Recruitment & Retention and Safeguarding to represent HR and the schools we support.
  • To work with the HR Steering Group to agree a programme of work to address equalities issues within the schools workforce 
  • To survey schools on the quality and effectiveness of support provided by the team.
Service directors:

Liz Chiles

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Further details:

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Last updated: 22 Apr 2021