School improvement bespoke support for high schools 2019/20


School improvement support for high schools. Logged in users can select image to view brochure

Academic year 2019/20

The secondary school improvement service:

  • Supports schools in responding to local and national policy developments
  • Offers a range of high quality opportunities to work in partnership with schools to improve teaching and learning, build capacity at all levels and to close achievement gaps.
Additional / buy back services 

Link partner service including headteacher appraisal or equivalent support.

Collaborative school improvement services including:

  • Ealing Teaching School Alliance co-ordination (ITT, CPD and school to school support)
  • Senior leadership networks
  • Subject leader networks and subject specific CPD/ workshops.

Data and communication

  • High quality data support for the partnership and your school
  • Ealing Grid for Learning.

Bespoke days: Purchase as required.

Office hours:


Service directors:

Julie Lewis


Ealing Learning Partnership, children and adults’ services.

Further details:

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Last updated: 17 Sep 2019