School workforce development support 2020/21

This service is available for Academies, Maintained schools and Other schools and settings


We have considerable professional expertise in supporting Ealing Schools and can source specialised support as needed. We aim to provide you with effective solutions that will save you time and money. We provide consistent quality assured services to ensure the best possible outcomes for your school challenges and Ofsted requirements.

Academic year 2020/21

Package 1 Workforce network group benefits for school business managers, site managers and caretakers:

  • Networks led by experienced coordinator
  • A dedicated go to person based within the LA to organise meetings
  • Different networks aimed at key staff groups
  • Raise awareness of key issues for schools
  • Support schools to work collaboratively
  • Share best practice
  • Mechanism for debate and discussion on issues and best suppliers / securing deals
  • Help school staff develop new ways of getting to know others and work successfully together
  • Provide opportunities to develop further school to school support
  • Source and signpost relevant accredited and non training to support schools
  • Secure group discounts
  • Excellent for support if you are new to role or new to Ealing.

Package 2 Bespoke workforce support:

• Provide you with effective solutions that will save you time and money
• Provide a consistent quality assured service to ensure the best possible outcomes to meet your school challenges and Ofsted requirements
• Well established service provision supporting Ealing schools
• Wealth of professional knowledge and expertise in supporting Ealing and other borough schools
• Ability to source further specialised support and training
• Offer a competitively priced service
• Monitor the support you receive so we can check for quality, consistency and ensure positive outcomes.

Additional / buy back services 

You can choose to purchase on an annual buy back basis either two days or three days support with additional days available on a pay as you go basis. Priority will be given to schools that have opted for an annual buy back. If capacity allows pay as you go only option will be available to schools.

See further details section for information on cost and support that is available.

Office hours:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Service directors:

Julie Lewis


Ealing Learning Partnership, children and adults’ services.

Further details:

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Last updated: 12 Mar 2020