Walpole Park education activities 2019/20

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A range of outdoor and nature focused interactive workshops.

Academic year 2019/20

Pupils will learn about bees, plants, healthy eating, insects, trees, ecosystems, habitats and enjoy activities around wellbeing, physical and sensory play, crafting with natural resources and survival skills. The workshops are interactive, 1.5 hrs- 2hrs long, for classes of up to 30.

The workshops include:

  • Hungry Caterpillar Trail (EY)
  • Brilliant Bees
  • Living medicine: why your body needs plants
  • Forest School survival skills
  • Interesting insects
  • Tremendous trees
  • Growing fruit and veg for physical and mental health
  • Mini ecosystems in three habitats
  • Let’s get physical
  • Resilience: mindfulness and coping strategies for children in today’s world
  • Naturally crafty.
Office hours:

Term time only, Monday to Friday

Service directors:

Chris Bunting


Environment and customer services

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Last updated: 25 Sep 2019