Ealing schools catering consortium (ESCC)

The majority of primary and specials schools buy into the Ealing Schools Catering Consortium (ESCC) for their catered meals under a contract which is managed by Ealing's education contract services.

Harrison Catering Services Ltd is currently appointed under this contract.

Harrison Catering Services menu runs on a three-week cycle (copies of the menu are available from your child's school).

Each menu is agreed by Ealing education contract services, after a nutritional analysis. The menus meet with the national standards for primary school set by the Department for Education.

A copy of these standards can be found at the School Food Trust website.

When designing the menu we aim to strike a balance between healthy foods and giving the children food that they like.

We have increased the number of 'traditional dishes' and fresh food, which has enabled us to remove a large number of breaded, processed meat products.

ESCC school meals management group meetings

The headlines and key items discussed and agreed at recent ESCC management group meetings:

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Last updated: 24 Mar 2021