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06 Sep 2017

Updated 7 December 2017. See revised ACAS guidance on calculating weekly hours for teacher and term time only workers* (under further information below).

From 2017, any organisation that has 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap.

In Ealing this requirement will therefore only impact on the largest schools employing over 250 staff.

School requirements

For the purposes of gender pay gap reporting all schools are considered to be separate employers.

The requirements on schools are as follows.

  • If you are a school of any kind and your legal entity employs 250 or more people, you must report and publish gender pay gap data. You will not be included in your local education authority’s gender pay gap reporting.
  • For maintained schools in and out of federations, the governing body is responsible for publishing their own gender pay gap reports. Maintained schools may be foundation, community, voluntary, nursery or special schools.
  • For academies in and out of chains, and for free schools, the proprietor is responsible for reporting their gender pay gap data.

Further information

*Following our request, Acas and the Government Equalities Office have revised their guidance on gender pay gap reporting.

It now includes examples on how to calculate weekly hours for teacher and term time only workers (see pages 30-31 of the Managing gender pay reporting guidance download below). Further information is available on the ACAS website.

Visit Gender pay gap reporting: overview ( for:

  1. Mandatory gender pay gap reporting
  2. When you must publish and report
  3. ‘Relevant employer’
  4. Who counts as an ‘employee’
  5. Data you must publish and report
  6. Support to manage and improve your organisation’s gender pay gap

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Last updated: 07 Dec 2017

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