Audit assistance surveys 2018

15 Mar 2018

The Property Services Delivery Unit (PSDU) will commence the 2018 schools audit assistance surveys after the Easter holidays.

  • Phase 1 will be completed before the summer holidays
  • Phase 2 will be undertaken during September and October 2018.

See downloads section to view which phase your school falls under.

Survey background

This (annual) survey primarily audits the testing, inspection and certification regime for building related functions.

This means we will:

  • Support schools in dealing with building and health and safety related issues
  • Make sure that schools have relevant processes and documentation in place
  • Assist schools where areas of non-compliance with legislation are noted.

Arranging the audit visit

Lauren North (PSDU) will contact schools directly to:

  • Arrange an audit visit
  • Advise on the type of documentation that will be reviewed
  • Confirm whom the PSDU would like to meet.

You can contact Lauren North or Mark Bass on the contact details below should you have any queries.

The programme runs a very tight schedule.

We ask your support in making this service work and to adhere to confirmed appointments with the audit assistance surveyor.

About the survey

The survey should take about one to two hours.

The surveyor will help establish if the school has the essential and up-to-date documentation required by law and good practice.

If documentation is missing or out-of-date the surveyor will explain what is needed and if necessary how the school can obtain this documentation.

Preparing for the survey

The surveyor uses a standard report form and checklist to review documentation at each school and complete the report.

The school will receive a report identifying any areas that require attention and advice will be provided as to how these are addressed. A copy will also be provided to children’s services property.

Schools will have six weeks after the visit to update the council regarding any missing information before we issue the report.

To prepare for the visit you can download the 'pre-survey checklist' attached at the bottom of this page. This checklist covers the areas you will be asked about during the visit.

Changes since 2017 survey

There have been a few changes since the 2017 survey:

New question:


2.055 Does the school have a list of hot and cold sentinel locations available and is the list checked against monthly temperature testing documents? Not scored this year.

Questions that have been reworded:

2.04 Are records of thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) maintenance held on site? Can include removal and cleaning. Follow manufacturer instructions.

5.04 Does the school have a system for organising and managing risk assessments for site management activities? e.g. retrieving items from roof, lone working, display screen (DSE), manual handling.

5.06 Are records of maintenance for laboratories, home economics and/or workshops held on site? Including safety isolation and servicing.

Sections 19 and 20 will be merged and a question added:

19.04 Does the school know how much energy their PV/solar panels are producing? And if not, do they know how to get the information?

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Last updated: 16 Mar 2018

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