Identical threatening emails sent to many schools around the UK

16 Apr 2018

We have been advised that a number of of Ealing schools have received identical threatening emails on Friday, 13 April regarding a student being sent into the school with a bomb.

The email is not believed to have come from a terrorist group, or to indicate that a terrorist attack is imminent.

The emails have the title 'Student Report (STAFF ONLY)' in the subject line and contain a link purporting to show photographs of a device / devices. We discourage schools to click on the link.

The Met Police continue to monitor the situation and we will update you with any further useful information.

The National Crime Agency has been made aware due to the apparent similarities to similar recent incidences of threatening emails.

Any decision to evacuate premises rests with the headteacher in consultation with the local police service. The usual advice is only to evacuate if a suspicious item is discovered.

Schools to report to the police

Any school that receives an email should contact the police non-emergency number 101.

Schools are advised to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police on 999.

Procedure for handling bomb threats

The advice remains to follow the guidance when receiving a bomb threat:

Procedures for handling bomb threats and checklist (DfE website)

School to inform email provider

In case of suspected hoax email school are asked to inform the school's email provider as this can potentially stop the email going to hundreds more schools.

For most Ealing schools, this is LGfL and the below instructions or for those schools (other schools should contact their relevant provider):

Phone: 020 8255 5555 option 3 (the person calling needs to key-in the school's Dfe code = 307**** )


Online: support site (this can only be the schools nominated contact(s) / technical support provider)

School safe scheme

Information about the threat has been distributed to all schools via Ealing school safe scheme.

Join the school safe distribution list (Ealing school staff)

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Last updated: 23 Apr 2018

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