NQT induction - reminders

18 Mar 2019

A few reminders:

Forthcoming deadlines (NQT Induction)

Spring term NQT assessment reports – 26 March 2019

What high quality reports look like

  • Refer to the previous term targets
  • Show progress from the previous term, highlighting strengths
  • Provide examples from NQT’s classroom practice and are personal to the NQT (Please avoid, being general)
  • Provide evidence used to make judgements.
  • Make links to other / relevant standards where possible
  • Provide targets for the next term (or year if it is a final report)
  • Are well written and provide sufficient information.

Statutory requirements

Please inform the AB when:

  • An NQT is leaving your school/ LA in the middle of NQT Induction, providing the last date of employment with you. Please let us know before the NQT leaves.
  • An NQT is on long term absence, providing the exact dates when they go on long term absence and return date (when provided to you).

NQTs leaving Ealing

  • If an NQT leaves Ealing in the middle of the term (when having completed more than a term; for example, 1.5 terms or 2.5 terms) please compete an Interim assessment. No grade is required. You must state strengths and areas for development, so the next school plans support the NQT with those areas.

NQTs joining Ealing from other LAs

  • Please ensure to check/ obtain previous assessment reports and upload them onto NQT Manager. Please discuss with us if necessary to ensure we provide what is required for them.
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Last updated: 29 Mar 2019

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