PHE London Coronavirus Response Cell (LCRC) school resource pack

20 Oct 2020

PHE London health protection team (London Coronavirus Response Cell, LCRC), the newly formed Department for Education helpline and the LA are supporting schools with their response to positive Covid-19 cases.

As the infection rates continue to rise in London, PHE LCRC are piloting the use of a COVID-19 London schools resource pack

This gives schools the tools to carry out their own risk assessments allowing them to identify ‘close contacts’ following a confirmed case of Covid-19, where they feel confident to do so.

The school may still choose to obtain support from the DfE helpline in the first instance. This will help schools manage their response in a timely manner.

The resource pack has been created by the LCRC that gives schools the tools to be able to:

  • Carry out on site risk assessments (i.e. the process to identify and send home ‘close contacts’)
  • Know when to escalate the situation to the DfE or LCRC
  • Send communications/letters to parents
  • Seek advice from other resources.

About the resource pack

The information provided to schools includes a risk assessment checklist (page 14 and 15 of the resource pack) that allows schools to capture the relevant information and gives details on what action to take.

The information provided also includes:

  • Scenarios for schools (page 11 of the resource pack)
  • Key definitions (page 6 of the resource pack)
  • When to contact the LCRC (Page 9 of the resource pack- different thresholds for different school settings) and
  • Letters to send to parents and to close contacts (pages 17 and 19 of the resource pack).

The LA encourages the use of the LCRC resource pack by schools who feel confident to do so alongside support from the DfE, the LA and LCRC as required.

The flow chart on EGfL has also been updated to reflect the pilot use of the resource pack and the increased thresholds to access the LCRC.

Special schools should continue to call the LCRC for support as always.

Please also continue to report every confirmed case of Covid-19 to the LA as per the Ealing flowchart.

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Last updated: 20 Oct 2020

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