A December to remember: Embrace active travel and the Cycle Bell song

24 Nov 2023

December is a time for festive celebrations, cozy moments, and reflections on the year gone by. This year, let's make it remarkable by embracing the spirit of active travel. Join us in a month-long celebration of movement, exploration, and the joy of cycling, walking, wheeling, or scooting.

Active travel December calendar

Ealing Council is proud to join Modeshift in promoting the Cycle Bell Song campaign. As outlined in the December calendar, Ealing has curated a series of events and activities to encourage active travel throughout the month.

Kick off with a pledge to walk or wheel to school and share your photos and even drawings of the twinkling trip on our social media platform X (Twitter).

Our active travel song: Cycle Bells

We have collaborated with Derbyshire, Essex, Stoke and the amazing Villiers High School in Southall, who have produced this year’s active travel song, Cycle Bells.

Please use this song in singing assemblies to remind children that being active in December can be lots of fun. It's not just a melody; it's a call to embrace the joy of active travel during the holiday season. We also invite your school to create your own song and get the pupils singing it during assembly.

Daily updates on social media

Our School Travel Team will be tweeting daily activities throughout December to inspire and motivate. If your school is on X, you can follow us @EalingSTARS to stay updated, feel free to retweet our posts and write your own. Please don’t forget to tag us on X so we can share your post too.

Alternative social media platforms

For schools on Facebook or Instagram instead of X, please reach out to your Sustainable Transport Advisor (STA) at sta@ealing.gov.uk and we'll provide the necessary support, including posts and additional resources tailored to these platforms.

Join the movement to promote sustainable and healthy modes of transport to make it A December to Remember. By doing so you not only contribute to your well-being but also join a collective effort to reduce carbon emissions and create more liveable and vibrant communities.

So, dust off your bicycle, don your warmest layers, and hit the streets with the Cycle Bell Song ringing in your ears.

Wishing you a wonderful and active December!

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Last updated: 27 Nov 2023

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