Don't forget to enter your school's closures into SIMS

Don't forget to enter your school's closures into SIMS

Code Y: Unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances.

Apply this code where a pupil is unable to attend because:

  • The school site, or part of it, is closed due to an unavoidable cause; or
  • The transport provided by the school or a local authority is not available and where the pupil’s home is not within walking distance; or
  • A local or national emergency has resulted in widespread disruption to travel which has prevented the pupil from attending school.

Guide to using SIMs

  • Log in to Sims.Net
  • Focus> attendance> exceptional circumstances
  • In the window, click on NEW
  • Then choose the date (s), am and pm etc.
  • Double click on the date from the drop down menu
  • In group type choose who you want the code to apply to. eg. whole school year group, registration group, individual pupil etc.
  • Search and apply

Please note, the Y code cannot be applied through the 'edit mark' function in attendance.

If you have any queries please contact:

Lucinda Poole, school attendance team leader.

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Last updated: 02 Aug 2023