Reasons to close a school

  1. Insufficient staff able to get in:
    • This is likely to apply to teaching staff particularly who are less likely to be 'locals'
    • Insufficient staff will cause difficulty with respect to staff:pupil ratios and the ability to safely manage the school.
  2. Severe travel restrictions – this may effect staff and/or other services required for the school to operate.
  3. Conditions around the school being so severe (snow, ice) that it presents a major obstacle or danger, however:
    • Local icy conditions in themselves do not necessarily mean that the school should be closed
    • Care can be taken in getting to and from school and outdoor breaks avoided if unsafe
    • Risks should be assessed realistically and take account of preventative action such as salting and gritting.
  4. Heating failure or inability to sufficiently warm school to reasonable and acceptable levels.
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Last updated: 01 Aug 2023