Codes of practice (COPs) and risk assessment

Health and safety checklists

School premises health and safety and welfare inspection checklist
Health and safety checklist for classrooms (HSE website)
Sensible health and safety management in schools (HSE website)

Documents for schools to download and adapt

A - D

Violence and aggression - links to health and safety page

After school clubs risk assessments

Risk 1: Losing children between school and the club (word)
Risk 2: Sports activity area (word)
Risk 3: Unsafe equipment (word)
Risk 4: Unsafe practice during activity (word)
Risk 5: Injury to a child during activity (word)
Risk 6: Losing children at the end of the session (word)
Risk 7: Additional safeguards for sports coaches (word)

Body fluids generic risk assessment (word)

E - H

Risk assessment guidance: 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNP) (CLEAPSS website)
Educational and recreational visit guidelines and generic risk assessments
Farm and zoo visits - COP and guidance for schools (word)
Hazard identification form (word) April 2015

I - L

Infection control (links to infectious/ contagious diseases/immunisations page)
Insurance guidelines for DIY maintenance and minor works in schools (word) (March 2006)
Key risk assessments for schools (word) Schools can adapt this for own purposes.
Legionella links to legionella page

M - P

Management of ccntractors (links to management of contractors page)
New and expectant mothers (links to new and expectant mothers page)
Man-made mineral fibres, safety code of practice (word) January 2004
Medication administration in schools (links to managing medice in schools page)
Ozone emission from photocopiers and laser printers guidelines (word)
Physical intervention, policy and guidelines for schools, nurseries and children's centres (word) Information for headteachers and staff, September 2009.

Q - Z

Storing and disposing of hazardous chemicals in schools (GOV.UK)
Thermal comfort (TC) arrangement - June 2016
TC - Guidance for schools - Appendix A
TC - Hot weather advice - Appendix B
TC - Cold weather advice - Appendix C
TC - Building comfort sample risk assessment - Appendix D
TC - Working outdoors sample risk assessment - Appendix E

Use of reasonable force (GOV.UK) Guidance about the use of physical restraint in schools for governing bodies, headteachers and school staff.
Working at height guidance for schools (links to working at height page)

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Last updated: 24 Jan 2018