Sypol COSHH risk assessment

The local authority curently uses an online COSHH risk assessment tool called Sypol.

A comprehensive Sypol user guide* (pdf - *EGfL login required) has been created which guides users on how to use the tool.
The guide includes how to create, copy, print and save COSHH risk assessments. There is also reference to the Assessment Interpretation Manual which provides useful information such as symbol definitions and a glossary of terms. In addition, contact details of the Sypol helpdesk (open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) are also provided.

Username and password

If any school requires a member of staff to use the Sypol tool and they do not already have an account set up, please forward them the above user guide. Once they have gone through the guide, they should contact Schools Health and Safety ( for a user name and password for Sypol.

Contact Sypol

Schools can call the Sypol helpdesk if they require any support:

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Last updated: 01 Aug 2023