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07 Mar 2017

Updated 24 April 2017

Working with SGOSS - Governors for Schools, we will be holding a recruitment event for volunteers and governing boards (GBs) to find potential governors. Schools are invited to join us.

Event details

Venue: Ealing Town Hall
Date: Thursday, 4 May 2017
Timr: 5.15 to 7.15pm.

See updated agenda under downloads below.

We have advertised this event as one where potential new governors can meet governing board representatives where there are vacancies. In order for this to be a success we are reliant on governing boards looking for new governors to attend. We know that many of you have vacancies and would benefit from attracting governors with skills and experience that you need. This event provides the perfect opportunity to promote your school in addition to finding individuals with potentially the right skills to help you.

What to do next

  1. Prior to the event, you are required to register your GB vacancies with SGOSS or contact Tara Hill, SGOSS will then contact you with interested candidates and promote you to potential new governors. Please note: all schools are required to do this prior to the event
  2. Identify who will be attending on 4 May, ideally it is good to have two people
  3. Confirm attendance with by 27 April 2017
  4. Think about what you will bring to the event to promote– materials to give interested volunteers? recruitment stand (only the small display banners please).

Attendance confirmation

If you can confirm attendance sooner than the deadline above (27 April) please do so, as this will give us time to indicate to volunteers how many schools will be attending – the more schools we have the more enticing it will be for would be governors thinking of attending!

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Last updated: 24 Apr 2017

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