LGfL webscreen filtering of Google and YouTube

20 Apr 2017

All data traffic from Google (including searches, image search and Youtube) is encrypted so it is not easy to screen things coming through.

All LGfL schools have a range of options available to them in setting up access to Google sites. See download below for full details.

Action for schools

  1. Review the setting options in the download below (more details available via the LGfL Support site) and, if desired, ask your technical support provider to change them according to your preference
  2. Educate staff about the limitations of any filtering system
  3. Ensure staff know that wherever possible, they should check content first before demonstrating it infront of children
  4. Use search sites appropriate to use with children (list is provided in the download attachment)
  5. Ask your technical support provider if they have attended one of the free WebScreen2 training courses provided by LGfL – Atomwide. If they have not, suggest that they do.

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Last updated: 26 Apr 2017

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