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07 Jul 2017

All high schools will have received an Early Transfer File (ETF) in May containing core contextual information taken from the spring school census together with other agency involvement and other information populated by primary schools.

A second version of the ETF based on updated admissions data and now containing KS2 teacher assessments and test outcomes is now available on your school reports page under 2017/18, primary to secondary transition.

Find your school page on the schools contact database.

ETF second version

Version two includes KS2 test outcomes, scaled scores and teacher assessment judgements as released on 4 July.

We have been able to include teacher assessment and test data for the majority of children coming from out borough primary schools in this version of the ETF by searching by UPN on NCA Tools.

The high school destination was sourced from Ealing admissions data and so your file includes all children who have accepted or were holding an offer to your school on 3 July 2017

As in previous years, we will produce a more detailed Year 6-7 KS2 transfer data summary using admissions data current as of that date and including an aggregate summary page, later in the summer.

We hope you find this useful. If you have any queries on any of the above please contact Mikail Bos or Kim Price (contact details below).

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Last updated: 07 Jul 2017

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