Winter-readiness information for London schools and nurseries 2017

04 Oct 2017

Public Health England briefing includes information, checklists and leaflets on flu, norovirus and meningitis.

As winter approaches, it is important that schools are reminded and updated on important health considerations for their pupils/students, parents/carers and staff.

Pupils and staff in schools are particularly susceptible to infections which increase over the winter months, such as seasonal influenza (flu) and stomach infections (such as norovirus).

These can be very infectious and cause outbreaks in school settings due to the close contact amongst pupils and staff.

The spread of these illnesses can be limited by improving infection control practices within the school.

The download document (below) has been published by Public Health England for circulation to all schools and nurseries.

You can also find this document and other supporting and relevant documents on the Infectious and contagious diseases and immunisations section on this site (related content link below)

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Last updated: 10 Oct 2017

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