Data protection: School governors and the flow of sensitive school data and documents

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20 Nov 2017

Schools need to develop more secure ways of controlling the flow of data and avoid sending potentially sensitive information in emails or as attachments / links on emails.

Good practice for school governors’ in minimising risk of data loss is for the clerk/chair/headteacher to upload all documentation for governors to a secure online place, to which all governors have access via a username and password, controlled by the school.

Using LGfL myDrive

All schools have LGfL myDrive available to them and across Ealing there are now about 15 schools that use it for their governing board.

If you decide you want to set this up, here are the main steps:

  • ​School LGfL nominated contact must:
    • create LGfL “Governor” accounts for all members of your governing board
      (Data needed = firstname / lastname / date of birth / email address)
    • allocate approx 20-30GB on LGfL myDrive each to headteacher, clerk and chair
      (as requested by headteacher) (See guide on allocating myDrive space)
  • Headteacher, clerk or chair creates a main “Governors” folder on myDrive
  • In this main folder, create a system of subfolders and upload documentation as appropriate
  • The main folder must be shared with the named governors only. Standard governors should be given Read access. (See guide on sharing myDrive files)
  • Key governors (headteacher, clerk, chair) should be given Read/Edit/Own (this allows them to modify the access rights and to upload / delete files).

Further information

See download for further information on using LGfL myDrive for your governing board to share and access sensitive information securely.

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Last updated: 21 Nov 2017

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