Risk of NEET (RON) registers year 7 available / submission of year 11 RON leaver data

22 Nov 2017

The RON registers for the new year 7 intake who might be at risk of becoming NEET when they leave high school, based on the factors identified in Ealing’s risk of NEET indicator, are now available in the reports section of your school page on the EGFL.

Find your school page on the schools contact database.

Similarly to previous years, data for the RONI factors has been taken from the early transfer form completed by primary school at transition.

This year we have also continued to reconcile the pupil lists against the autumn 2017 census to ensure that your list only contains pupils who actually started at your school.

We hope you find these reports useful. For any queries contact Jennifer Bull (details below).

Schools to sumbit year 11 2017 leavers RON lists securely

Schools should submit their updated year 11 RON registers for 2017 leavers (not your current year 11 cohort but the cohort who left in summer 2017) to Jennifer Bull by Thursday, 7 December. These must be sent securely through Egress or S2S.

This process was implemented in the 2014/15 academic year and has enabled the school effectiveness and research and data teams to complete analysis for all schools that shows the transition to Post 16 education, employment and training. (It is also useful evidence of the school’s careers education and guidance as well as support for vulnerable students - particularly now RPA to 18 has come into force.)

A template document which you can use to submit this data is attached as a download below. Please ensure you include all the data items shown within this template when submitting your RONI lists. Again, the data must be sent securely through Egress or S2S to Jennifer Bull (details below).

Contact Deborah Dent, Kim Price or Jennifer Bull if you have any queries (contact details below).

EGfL user account

You need to login with your EGfL user account to access these reports.

You need to have an EGfL user account with the correct permissions.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this yourself. You might find this guide useful: resetting your password

If you have any other queries on user accounts, please contact the EGfL web team by email egflwebteam@ealing.gov.uk.

Data protection of confidential information

When you download information which has been password protected on the EGfL you are agreeing to take responsibility for what happens to that information next and its security.

If you pass that information on to appropriate other people you must do so via secure systems – eg Egress or LGfL secure email.

When downloading information to shared or otherwise insecure computers and other devices be aware that it will remain in your download folder and may be liable to inappropriate access.

Ensure you are not making the information open to others as it may put individuals and organisations at risk.


Data collection template year 11 RON register 2017 - return securely.xlsx* (login)

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