Maintaining an accurate written record of decision-making - important advice for schools

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05 Feb 2018

Briefing note for headteachers (see downloads below) from the social care and education legal team, emphasises the importance of keeping an accurate written record of decisions made.


With the introduction of the new statutory guidance in relation to exclusions and other matters, it has become apparent that there is a need for schools to more accurately record their decisions in a timely manner.

The two cases in the briefing note highlight the possible consequences of a school failing to keep an accurate and timely record of its decisions. Both situations were avoidable had time been taken to issue a written decision promptly .

Although time pressures sometimes result in this becoming less of a priority in the school day, with ever increasing litigation, it is advisable that headteachers ensure this is urgently prioritised.

All schools should ensure that systems are in place so that written notification of decisions can be issued to parents without delay and within a maximum period, for example, five days.

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Last updated: 05 Feb 2018

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