Section 128 checks for governors

19 Nov 2018

Section 128 checks are a requirement for all new governors from September 2018, i.e. you must record on the single central record (SCR) that this has been done, along with their disclosure and barring service (DBS) check. We would recommend that you do a section 128 check, though, for all governors.

Maintained schools

A section 128 direction disqualifies a person from holding office as a governor in a maintained school, so maintained school governors should have this check.


Academies must carry out this check:

  • For all academy members and trustees
  • Where an academy trust delegates responsibilities to any delegate or committee (including a local governing body), any delegates or members of such committees
  • For all academy staff engaged in management roles.

A section 128 direction prohibits or restricts a person from taking part in the management of an academy.

How to have the check

Individuals with a barred list check

If you carry out an enhanced DBS check with barred list information on an individual, with 'children's workforce independent schools' specified in the parameters, the certificate will detail whether they are subject to a section 128 direction.

Individuals without a barred list check

You can carry out section 128 direction checks through the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA). You can do this by logging onto the Secure Access Portal (GOV.UK) . Secure Access is a free service available to all schools and colleges.


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Last updated: 19 Nov 2018

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