Free Prevent training: Assemblies for students and training for front line professionals

23 Sep 2019

Given the increasing risk of young people being exposed to narratives associated with the extreme far right, the Prevent team have re-comissioned Small Steps to deliver a free workshop around raising awareness of and counter-narratives to this type of extremism.

Free assemblies

We have five free assemblies that we are offering to schools to help young people to be aware of the extreme far right and how to be resilient to these narratives. To book one of these assemblies please contact Anisa on the details below.

Staff traning

There is also a session for staff:
Small Steps - Extreme right wing awareness and counter-narrative training (Further details and booking via Ealing CPD online)
Date:Thursday, 3 October
Time: 10am-12pm.

For other training (including our new student workshops) please see the new Prevent training calendar.

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020 8825 7106 or 07545 412 222
Last updated: 23 Sep 2019

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