Inform Ealing governor services of membership changes

31 Aug 2021

Membership records

Clerks to governors are responsible for writing (via email) the letter of appointment to all new and re-appointed governors and for maintaining the record of all the members of the governing board.

The record of governing board membership needs to show:

  • Type of governor
  • Their term of office
  • Contact details and email addresses
  • Any additional responsibilities they may have on the governing board.

It should be updated every time there is a change in membership.

Change of membership

Clerks need to inform Ealing Governor Services of all appointments and changes in membership to the governing board so that we can have up to date records.

Sending information securely to us: Either password protect an attachment and send password in separate email or use Outlook encryption. It is very important that the Local Authority has up-to-date records on all the governors including the current chair and vice-chair of governors for each school.

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Last updated: 31 Aug 2021

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