Repairs and maintenance

School responsibilities

School governing bodies are responsible for revenue repairs and maintenance. As all revenue maintenance and repair funding is delegated to schools the choice of how services are procured rests with individual schools. Schools are therefore responsible for procuring all routine property maintenance, and in areas concerning mechanical and electrical services in particular, for ensuring that statutory checks and maintenance are carried out.

Services to schools - Ealing FM

The council manages a range of building services, including repairs and maintenance, security, building cleaning and grounds maintenance.

Schools may procure some of all these services.

Support surveyor service

The council arranged the option to separately purchase the support surveyor service via the council's property services delivery unit. The support surveyor will provide hands-on technical guidance to schools and asset management plan planning.

Guidance to legal duties for maintenance regime

The council provides advice and support to schools to ensure that their duties are discharged with regard to compliance.

With particular regard to maintenance regimes Ealing property services delivery unit collated the following document in response to requests from schools:
Guidance to legal duties for maintenance regime (without prejudice) - December 2013 (pdf)

The following guidance on the maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves in schools should be followed in all schools:
Additional guidance on the maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves in schools (pdf) November 2016

The premises logbook assembled and issued to schools in 2010 has now been updated. The documents in this 2014 version of the logbook provide building maintenance compliance guidance to help identify the minimum regime required to ensure that your duties are discharged in regards of compliance.

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Last updated: 22 Apr 2024