Motor insurance procedure for school vehicle incident

Here is the motor insurance procedures and incident report form involving school vehicles insured with the council.

Notification of the acquisition and disposal of vehicles

Notification to the insurance section is required at least 5 working days prior to a vehicle acquisition or disposal. The council is required to register this data on the UK’s national motor insurance database.

Motor vehicle claims

When completing a motor vehicle claim schools must notify the council’s insurance section no later than 5 working days after the discovery of damage.

The motor accident report form involving school vehicles is to be completed in full and submitted to the insurance section at

The claim will be considered by the insurance section and where necessary passed to insurers. The council holds a large deductible as such a large proportion of claims are self-insured. Should insurers or the insurance section request additional information it is expected that this will be provided without delay.

The first £500 (excess) will be payable by the school and insurance will cover the remaining costs.

Failure to notify the insurance team within 5 working days could lead to repudiation of an otherwise legitimate claim under the policy.

Contact the insurance team

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Last updated: 18 Oct 2021