Race equality in education 2024/25

This service is available for Academies and Maintained schools


The Ealing Race Equality Commission published a report in January 2022 setting out a series of demands for improvements in relation to a wide range of public areas of life, including education. The race equality in education programme is designed to support schools to achieve the Commission's demands for education.

Academic year 2024/25

The support provided by ELP aims to empower school leaders and school staff to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively address race inequality. The principles of ELP’s approach to supporting schools with this agenda are as follows:

  • Flexible and responsive; recognising the different starting points of schools
  • Facilitating collaboration between schools and also with key partners
  • Engaging with parents as equal partners to help shape solutions
  • Building on the learning from the No Learner Left Behind Black Caribbean achievement project to inform approach
  • Engaging external expertise, where necessary, to ensure Ealing’s programme of support for schools is high quality

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Office hours:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Planned improvements:

ELP provides an extensive programme of training, networks, bespoke support and guidance for schools.

Service directors:

Julie Lewis

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We will provide support to governing boards and senior leadership teams to enable them to strategically review their current approach to race equality.

Engaging parents and communities

We will seek to support schools to effectively engage with their parent communities around race equality.

Curriculum, progress and inclusion

We will support schools to be able to review and adapt their curriculum and improve the progression and inclusion for Black Caribbean pupils and other pupil groups.

Developing cultures and behaviour

An important first step in leading race equality work in schools is to develop the racial literacy of all staff. ELP will support school leaders to offer this training.

Inclusive recruitment and retention

We will support schools to develop inclusive recruitment and retention policies and approaches.


Lead: Sarah Thompson, School partnerships and enrichment team, Ealing Learning Partnership

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For more information about please contact Sarah Thompson

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Last updated: 15 Feb 2024