Budgets - suspension of a schools delegated budget

The schools financial procedures provides maintained schools with guidance on a range of financial management processes that are set out as individual sections.

The scheme for financing schools allows the local authority (LA) to suspend the schools right to a delegated budget. These financial regulations reflect the reasons and the formal framework if the LA were to consider and decide on the suspension of the governing board’s (GB) right to a delegated budget.

Regulations for the suspension of schools delegated budget

Where a GB is responsible for a substantial or persistent failure to comply with any requirements applicable under the scheme for delegated budgets or is considered not to be managing the budget share at their disposal in a satisfactory manner, Ealing LA through the director for children and adults services or their representatives, may suspend the GB’s right to a delegated budget, giving at least one month's notice of the intention to do so.

This notice will be given in writing. If by reason of gross incompetence or mismanagement, at such earlier date as Ealing LA may determine, provided that the director of children and adults services or their representatives shall notify the secretary of state without delay, giving reasons for the action taken.

The director of children and adults services or their representatives shall, in giving such notice to the GB, specify the grounds for the suspension and provide a copy to the headteacher. Thereafter, Ealing LA shall review, before the commencement of each subsequent financial year, the suspension and shall provide an opportunity for the GB and the Headteacher to make representations, which the LA will consider.

Ealing LA shall, after such annual reviews, give written notification to the GB and headteacher regarding the decision reached either to continue or to remove the suspension, giving their reasons to the GB for the decision. In the event of a decision to readmit the school to the scheme, revocation of the suspension shall take effect from the beginning of the next financial year.

A GB in respect of which Ealing LA has imposed a suspension of delegated powers, or where it has decided not to repeal a suspension under this scheme for delegated budgets, shall be entitled to appeal to the secretary of state. This procedure is outlined in the scheme for financing schools.


School bursarial service, BursarialServices@ealing.gov.uk

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Last updated: 11 Jul 2023

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