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Teacher and leadership generic job descriptions

The following generic job descriptions/person specifications for teachers have been developed to support schools in a range of areas. These include:

  • Recruiting new staff when filling a vacancy
  • Revising the roles of existing staff
  • Updating existing documentation
  • Conducting the appraisal processes
  • Revising staffing structures or restructuring

These job descriptions have been developed in collaboration with representative primary headteachers, a special deputy headteacher, primary governor and LA officers using the current school teachers pay and conditions document, the new teacher standards and through consultation with the workforce steering group and professional associations. They are suitable for use in primary and/or special schools but with some modifications can be adapted for high schools.

They may be used in their entirety or personalised to suit individual needs. It is recommended that you look carefully through both the job description and corresponding person specification to ensure they meet your needs. We recommend that they are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they reflect an individual’s current role.

All documents are in Microsoft Word format and open in a new window.

Position Generic job description Person specification

Class teacher

Job description Person specification
Teaching and learning responsibility (TLR2) Job description Person specification
PSHE (TLR2) – this will not be applicable or appropriate for all schools Job descriiption Person specification
Assistant headteacher (AHT) Job description Person specification
Deputy headteacher (DHT) Job description Person specification

Diagram showing some progression from TLR to AHT to DHT roles (pdf)

Generic headteacher job descriptions

A range of generic headteacher job descriptions can be found in appendices of the recruitment and selection guidance for senior school staff and other school staff, available on the HR policies page.

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Last updated: 14 Dec 2020