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School teachers pay award 2019

The circular confirms that an order has been laid before parliament and the final version of the STPCD should come into force on 11 October 2019.

The LGA circular sets out some considerations for schools in implementing the pay award through application of their own pay policies. In summary, the STPCD provides for an increase of 2.75% to the minimum and maximum of all pay ranges and allowances. Schools have to determine, in accordance with their own pay policies, how the increase will apply to teachers who are not on the minimum or maximum of a pay range.

In previous years in Ealing the pay award has been applied by schools consistently to the vast majority of teachers. From feedback, our expectation is that schools will again decide to apply the award consistently across all teachers. Schools who use Ealing payroll will shortly be written to seeking confirmation as to how your school will be applying the pay award. In light of the date the STPCD will come into force it is likely that the award, along with arrears back to 1 September, will be made in the November pay run.

The LGA circular has appendices which set out the pay ranges for teachers and these are referred to as reference points. This is because the government only publish values for the minimum and maximum of pay ranges. The LGA reference points are based on an uprating of their own reference point pay scales and therefore the LGA cannot confirm that they will apply universally to all schools (some of whom may have been operating a different pay scale).

Teachers' pensions employer contribution increase

The employer contribution rate of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) will increase from 16.4% to 23.6% from September 2019.

Latest government advice on how the pension grant will be calculated and paid (GOV.UK)


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