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Apprentices and apprenticeship levy

Information about the employment of apprentices and how to make a claim from the apprenticeship levy.

Apprenticeship Levy

Community schools pay into the levy by virtue of their association with Ealing Council. The documents and links below provide information to community schools about how they can access the levy, including which apprenticeships are eligible and relevant for schools.

Apprenticeship levy letter to schools re accessing the levy (November 2019) (pdf)

Apprenticeship levy claim form (November 2019) (word)

Business case (level 5 and above) – Training request supporting statement (word)

Information on apprenticeships (pdf)

DfE: A guide to apprenticeships for the school workforce November 2019 (GOV.UK)

Apprenticeships in schools toolkit (LGA) The LGA has developed a toolkit to support local authorities who are working with schools to create apprenticeship opportunities.


Apprenticeships standards
List of the current standards for new apprenticeships starting from 1 August 2020. It gives details of each standard and you can search for approved apprenticeship training providers that deliver each standard.

Apprentice pay guidance for schools
Guidance to schools about the employment of apprentices, how they are paid and the terms and conditions under which they are engaged.

Apprentice training agreement for schools (word) - this is the current document used
Template contract/training agreement for taking on apprentices.


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Last updated: 04 Mar 2021