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Health surveillance and checks

Flu vaccinations

The occupational health service offers an annual flu vaccination service.

Vaccinations are available October to December to all schools or departments who wish to fund this for staff.

Sessions take place weekly in Ealing Town Hall. On site vaccination sessions are available if 10 or more people can attend at the same time.

For further information or to book an appointment please contact the occupational health service (see link at the bottom of this page).

Staff requesting vaccinations are required to fill in a health declaration and consent form (word).

Please note: The occupational health nurse adviser has the right to refuse vaccination to any member of staff he/she feels is not well enough to have the vaccine or if there is a lack of medical information. The employee would be referred back to their GP for further advice.

Hepatitis B vaccinations

The occupational health service offers Hepatitis B vaccinations to all employees who are at risk of contracting Hepatitis B during the course of their work. These employees are identified by means of a Hepatitis B risk assessment (word).

The at risk groups include:

  • Site supervisors
  • Countryside rangers
  • Staff working with mentally disabled children/adults
  • Environmental health officers
  • Any employee who may come into contact with used syringes in the course of their work and are in danger of a sharps injury.

The immunisation programme consists of a course of three vaccinations over a period of six months. This is followed up three months later with a blood test to establish the level of immunity the employee has. It is important that the employee attends for all three vaccinations at the correct time.

Employees are required to fill out a short health declaration (word), to ensure they are suitable for vaccination, and to sign a consent form.

If there are a group of staff (five or more), who are available at a similar time, it may be possible for an occupational health adviser to attend the workplace to carry out the vaccinations.

For further information or to book an appointment please contact the occupational health service (see link at the bottom of this page).


The occupational health department has access to a physiotherapist bi-monthly to assist with providing guidance and advice to employees with musculoskeletal conditions.

Once a management referral is received the occupational health physician or nurse will advise if physiotherapist input would be appropriate and they will make arrangements for an appointment.

Due to high demand and limited sessions it is not possible to arrange a course of treatment and appointments are normally booked several weeks in advance. Staff should seek assistance from their GP where successive sessions of physiotherapy treatment are required.

Where advice is requested regarding workstations it is expected that staff have completed the online DSE training and completed the online DSE assessment. Pictures of the employee sitting at their work station are helpful to bring to the appointment.

The occupational health nurse may also advise on further workstation assessment where appropriate via access to work or an external provider.

Please contact for further assistance.

Eye test advice

To receive reimbursement, your optician will need to complete the optician form (word) confirming that he/she has examined your eyes and recommended glasses for VDU use.

Pay for your eye test or glasses and keep the receipt. Scan the receipt and the signed optician form and claim via the expenses form available on iTrent self service.

Headteachers expenses

Note: Reimbursement of costs is taken from your department budget.

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Last updated: 16 Feb 2023