Admission appeals and exclusion/suspension review service 2024/25

This service is available for Maintained schools and Academies


Organise, administer and provide clerking services to independent panels to hear school admission appeals and exclusion/ suspension reviews.

Academic year 2024/25

The purpose of the centrally based professional administration and clerking service to the independent panels is to support schools and governing bodies in carrying out the statutory functions smoothly as we provide :

  • An efficient and strong administration and clerking service system that meets all the statutory requirements of the school admission appeals code and exclusion review guidance
  • A pool of experienced and reliable panel member volunteers
  • Training conducted on regular basis to enhance the knowledge and to keep panel members up to date on all statutory developments
  • Expert legal advice and assistance provided if required
  • Coordinate responses to Ombudsman Complaints
  • Effective correspondence with the parents and responding to their queries
  • Regular communication with school administrators and headteachers with the appeals for their schools
  • Detailed management of the school admission appeals process and exclusion reviews
  • Other facilities provided like sufficient rooms, interpreters, refreshments etc. to enhance the efficiency and smooth conduct of the appeals process
  • Confidentiality is maintained throughout the process
  • Ensure high quality delivery of service and value for money to schools.
Additional / buy back services 

The school admission appeals service is free of charge for all Ealing community schools.

The service is also offered to primary and secondary academy, voluntary aided, free and foundation schools. These schools will be charged on per appeal basis.

The school exclusion/suspension review service is free of charge for all the community, voluntary aided and foundation schools.

The service is also offered to primary and secondary academy schools. These schools will be charged on per exclusion basis.

To purchase our services, the schools will have to enter into an SLA with us and can contact us for more information required in this regard.

Office hours:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Planned improvements:

Ongoing process of continued service improvement.

Service directors:

Julie Lewis


Committee services, Democratic services

Head of service
Sam Bailey, Head of democratic services

Service manager
Katie Sullivan, Committees team Manager

Further details:

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Last updated: 15 Feb 2024