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Exclusions and suspensions

The team provides advice and guidance on the exclusion process to head teachers, governors, parents and colleagues for both primary and secondary schools as well as maintaining a database of all exclusions and providing exclusions data as required.

The team also deals with elective home education.

Preventing exclusions

Information about focused programmes and services 2019 – 2020 on preventing exclusions. (Log in to view document)

Updated Local Authority exclusion and suspension notification forms

The notification forms below are in word format and should be emailed to

Exclusion letters

The following are all in word format:

Exclusion model letter templates for high, primary and special schools

Log in to view model letters. If needed, register for an EGfL user account. For help, contact

CCTV footage

Guidance for schools when considering CCTV footage as evidence for exclusion.

Exclusion data summary reports

The reports provide a summary of exclusion data for Ealing schools, along with a comparison against data in previous years, looking at the number of exclusions by areas such as year group, reason for exclusion, post-code, SEN stage etc:

Primary school summary and comparison 2020/21*
High school summary and comparison 2020/21*

*As a result of consultation, access is currently restricted to head teachers for the relevant phase, who have been notified of passwords via email. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for future reports.


Debby Legg, principal officer exclusions or the exclusions support officer
Ben Lundy, exclusions and elective home education support officer
Service tel: 020 8825 5070
Service email:

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Last updated: 21 Apr 2022