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SEND and inclusion - early years

SEND leadership

SEND resources

SEND local offer
Early years: guide to the 0-25 SEND code of practice (pdf)
Stages of intervention tool (pdf)
SEND register (pptx)
Ealing request for statutory assessment (ERSA) form (egfl website)
ERSA timescales (word)
Equality and inclusion review (word)
Setting local offer (pdf)
Acronym kit (pdf)
Signposting kit 2016 (pdf)
SEND flowchart (pdf)
Four broad areas description (ppt)
High quality inclusive practice (ppt)

Early years funding request forms

Early years disability access fund form (word)
Early years inclusion funding/support procedure (pdf)
SEN inclusion fund application form (word)
SEN inclusion fund review form (word)
Inclusion funding / support panel dates 2020/21 (pdf)

SEND toolkit

The SEND toolkit has been collated to provide guidance for SENCo’s and early years practitioners in the Ealing borough.

The strategies and techniques provided as part of this toolkit should only be used with the appropriate knowledge and understanding, gained through training and support from the Ealing early years team.

Discussions should inform the relevance of the strategy and how it can be personalised for the child/children.

Although strategies are organised under specific areas, they may be used across all four broad areas.

If you have any questions about or require support using any of the strategies or techniques please do not hesitate to contact your assigned early years consultant.

Communication and interaction

Speech and language monitoring tool (word)
Quality indicators for communication and language (pdf)
Information to include in a speech and language therapy referral form (word)
Ealing speech and language therapy service:

Talk and play groups (under 3’s) information (pdf)
First and then visual timetable (pdf)
Communication passport (pdf)
Communication passport guide (pdf)
Whole body communication (pdf)
Choice board (pdf)

Cognition and learning

Characteristics of effective learning prompt sheet (pdf)
First and then visual timetable (pdf)

Social, mental and emotional health

Simple relaxation tasks (ppt)
Emotional regulation tasks (ppt)
The calm down kit (pdf)
Brain breaks and sensory breaks (ppt)
Active listening and planned Ignoring (ppt)
Whole team response to behaviour (word)
ABC-DE chart (ppt)
Heavy work to ease anxiety (pdf)
Risk assessment for behaviour (pdf)
Results and consequences guide (pdf)

Physical and or/sensory

Sensory breaks (pdf)
Sensory strategies (pdf)
Oral motor strategies (pdf)
Toilet training children with SEND (pdf)

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Last updated: 11 Sep 2020