ECIRS and MASH process where timely or satisfactory response not met

The process to follow when you do not receive a timely or satisfactory response from ECIRS/MASH

Timely means within the expected timeframe according to risk/rag 24 hours-48 hours - 72 hours max.

Satisfactory is where decisions reached reducing risks/concerns for family.

  1. Referral made to Ealing Children’s Integrated Response Service but unable to contact or no response to referral
  2. Contact ECIRS duty team managers
  3. Deputy Team Manager (DTM) contacted but no response to emails or calls
  4. Contact ECIRS team manager Simone Lionel
  5. Team manager has not responded within the expected 24 to 48 hours
  6. Email Head Service, Jenny Palmer
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Last updated: 01 Sep 2023

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