SENDline - advice and support for SENCos

SENDline is an advice line for all SENCOs and school leaders supporting children with additional needs who go to school or live in Ealing.

Experienced SENCO Sam Campbell-Jones is the consultation line lead.

SENDline advice and support

SENDline is a space for SENCOs to seek advice and support in the following ways:

  • Coach SENCos through challenges, providing a space to reflect on practice and suggest strategies
  • Direct SENCos to the relevant outreach services
  • To talk through queries and concerns with SENCos
  • Give advice on strategies and resources available in and beyond Ealing Council
  • Support SENCos to talk through ERSA applications and advise on the most useful information required to help panel make a fully informed decision.

Your headteacher or DHT can contact SENDline if they have any concerns that they would like to talk through eg, sounding board when considering exclusion, risk of placement breakdown or relationship with family etc.

This is not a complaints line but rather a space for schools to be supported to make the most of the resources we have in Ealing for our pupils with additional and special needs.

Contact SENDline

Contact SENDline by email to:
Tel: 07811 494323

Sam will aim to reply to you within 24 hours to arrange a time slot to discuss your query within that working week.

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Last updated: 06 Oct 2023

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