Ealing’s strategy for additional and special educational needs, disabilities and inclusion 2023-2027

We are delighted to announce that a new draft strategy: Ealing’s Additional Needs, SEND and Inclusion Strategy 2023-2027 was approved by Ealing Cabinet on 19 April 2023

The strategy sets out the medium and long-term vision, mission, principles and priorities for the local Ealing strategic partnership which will drive forward improvement.

During 2022, Ealing SEND Executive Board (made up of schools, Council and Integrated Care Board, Parent carer forum and community partners) reviewed the SEND Provision and Inclusion Strategy 2018 -2022. The new strategy has been coproduced and developed with our parents, young people and local partner organisations which make up the SEND Executive Board.

The SEND Executive board was set up by Ealing Council and Ealing CCG (now Ealing Borough Based Partnership) to govern the delivery of the strategy.

Under the new draft strategy, it is intended that the SEND executive board will be replaced by Ealing Strategic Partnership Board for Additional Needs, SEND and Inclusion, once the new strategy is approved.

Ealing’s additional needs, SEND and inclusion strategy

There are 3 versions of Ealing’s additional needs, SEND and inclusion strategy:

Thanks to everyone that responded to the consultation and sessions. If you would like to comment please participate

Email: children@ealing.gov.uk

Include Me poster competition

In March 2023, we asked children and young people in Ealing to design a poster to be about their views as a child or young person with the theme:

What does include me look or feel like?

The deadline for entries was the 25 April 2023.

We are delighted that so many children and young people in the borough responded to the challenge.

Here are the Include Me poster competition entries

The images will be shared as posters in local buildings, and in exhibitions around the borough and on social media channels to raise awareness about children and young people with additional needs, SEND and inclusion.

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Last updated: 01 May 2024

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