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School Admissions Module (SAM)

The schools admissions module (SAM) is an application which enables schools to view live co-ordinated admissions information held on the admission database on applications for all year groups via the council’s portal.

Schools are now familiar with SAM from using it for main round applications.

By using SAM:

  • Foundation, Academy and VA schools can use the system to rank applicants in criteria order on Mondays before 12noon (prior to the allocation of places)
  • An In-Year Admissions officer will notify you by email when to check SAM for new offers, which should be checked by the school before offer letters are sent and liaise with the In-Year Admissions Team if you have any concerns
  • See how many pupils have included your school as one of their preferences by preference rank
  • View live details of pupils who have applied to your school; (you cannot see which preference rank individual pupils have given your school)
  • View live information showing who has been offered and/or accepted a place, who has withdrawn their application, who is on your waiting list and their waiting list position.

Pupil data available in SAM:

  • Name
  • address
  • dob
  • gender
  • siblings
  • contact details (including telephone numbers)
  • SEN status
  • LAC status
  • additional info provided by parents
  • additional info provided by the council. and
  • Export information from all the above lists into a spreadsheet containing this data
  • Add arranged and actual start dates for the LA to view

Primary schools are also able to view a list of the destination schools for most of their current year 6 pupils for secondary transfer.

Contact the admissions manager

Joanne Bradley Tel: 8825 9662 Co-ordinated Admissions Database Manager is the contact for any queries about use of SAM and will assist with passwords and training for new staff as necessary.

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Last updated: 18 Oct 2021