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Reporting September reception class and year 7 non-arrivals

There is a change to how schools report the non-arrival of pupils you expect to join in September for Reception Class and Year 7 for the upcoming academic year (2022-23)

Rather than sending in individual children missing education (CME) referrals for pupils who do not arrive in September, as expected, a single return for all non-arrivals has been introduced.

Please see an example September non arrivals return template under downloads. The active template will be sent to schools in September.

All schools are expected to complete this return as part of their CME duty.

CME enquiries must include the following

As per all pupils you believe to be missing education, the school is expected to make enquiries to try to establish their whereabouts. Enquiries must begin within three days of the first absence. The enquiries must include:

  • A check on SAM to see if place is still accepted
  • Calls to all numbers held for the pupil's family and emergency contact (if recorded prior to admission)
  • Emails to all addresses held for the pupil’s family
  • Check whether any known siblings are absent
  • A letter must be sent to the pupil's home address on the third day of absence (See September non arrival letter template under downloads below)
  • A home visit must be completed as soon as possible. Primary schools may request visits be completed by their Link Attendance Officer, but only if the school is unable to complete the visits themselves.
  • You are welcome to send an email to to see if another school has been offered. Please be aware that the Admissions team are unable to withdraw the place early and cannot make additional enquiries for you.
  • Your Link Attendance Officer may be able to verify whether the family remain at the address.

The return can be sent to as soon as enquiries have been completed for all non-arrivals but must be sent in by 30 September 2022.

Schools can withdraw their offers once CME have confirmed receipt of the return. Please be aware that enquiries must be made for all non-arrivals before you are able to withdraw their place.

Further details will be sent with the active template at the beginning of September.

For all other pupils not in Reception or Year 7 who do not return in September please follow the usual CME processes.

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Last updated: 11 Jul 2022