ECIRS consultation line

A new consultation number for professionals provided by Ealing Children’s Integrated Response Service (ECIRS) and Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).

ECIRS consultation number

Telephone: 020 8825 5236

Open: Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm

No matter how experienced you are as a professional, there may be times when you want to discuss a worry about a child. You may be unsure about what action to take and need some support and guidance to make the most appropriate decision.

If you are a teacher or other professional and are worried about a child and would like to discuss your concerns, you can contact the ECIRS Consultation Line to obtain help or advice.

What to do before contacting the consultation line

  • If the child has an allocated social worker, you should contact them directly.
  • Do consider whether you have the appropriate resources within your own organisation to help and assist the child before contacting the consultation line.

When you call us we will

  • Offer quick and easy access to children’s social care advice
  • Provide advice regarding Ealing children’s services thresholds of need
  • Provide advice about universal, targeted and early help services within Ealing
  • Provide the opportunity for professionals to discuss concerns, to help determine the appropriate response, without giving a name or making a referral.

If ECIRS considers that your worry about a child is a safeguarding concern, you will be informed to make a direct referral to ECIRS on 020 8825 8000 (option 1)

    What happens during the call

    • There will be consultation offered by a qualified and experienced social worker based in ECIRS/MASH who will offer advice and support
    • There will be a record of the nature of the discussion for monitoring and trend purposes
    • The Consultation Line is not to be used to discuss or make a referral ECIRS/MASH. It is not a ‘short cut’ to a referral into ECIRS/MASH.
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    Last updated: 31 Aug 2023

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