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Ealing's Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA) 2023/24

Ealing Council is required by law to ‘report annually to elected council members on how they are meeting their duty to secure sufficient childcare and make this report available and accessible to parents’. We have prepared this report to meet this duty.

Having sufficient childcare means that families can find childcare that meets their child’s learning needs and enables parents to make a real choice about work and training. This applies to all children from birth to age 14, and to children with disabilities. Sufficiency is assessed for different groups, rather than for all children in the local authority.

In this report, we have assessed sufficiency using data about the need for childcare and the amount of childcare available. We use information about childcare sufficiency to plan our work supporting the local childcare economy.

From April 2024 there will be changes in the funded childcare offer as set out in the government’s 2023 budget statement. This CSA will help us support the sector to prepare for these changes in Ealing.

Here is Ealing's Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA) 2023/24

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Last updated: 21 Jun 2024