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Young carers are children and young people under 18 who look after someone in their family who has an illness, a disability, a mental health problem or a substance misuse problem, taking on practical and/or emotional caring responsibilities that would normally be expected of an adult.

Young carers are often totally consumed with their responsibilities and as such are isolated from forms of support and activities and at risk of impacting their emotional, physical wellbeing or educational achievement and life chances.

  • 68% of young carers are bullied in schools
  • Over 39% of young carers had not informed their teacher or any member of staff that they were a young carer
  • 27% of young carers (aged 11–15) miss school or experience educational difficulties (40% where children care for a relative with drug or alcohol problems).

(Commissioning Services for Young Carers and their Families)

Ealing joint working protocol

Ealing has developed a joint working protocol (pdf) which aims to promote the identification of young carers and ensure they are provided appropriate support to help them reach their potential and enjoy a positive childhood.

Supporting young carers in schools

Schools are encouraged to take an active role in the identification and support of potential young carers.

Advice and guidance for primary and secondary school staff (pdf)

Ealing Young Carers Project (previously Kids Ealing Young Carers Project)

Managed by Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, Ealing young carers project provides support and advice to young carers living in the borough of Ealing. They offer a range of respite activities which include days out in the school holidays, advocacy and advice when requested, and one-to-one support with a project worker when required.

Kathryn Sobczak
Tel: 020 8326 7044
E-mail: ksobczak@brentfordfccst.com

SAFE service (Supportive Action for Families in Ealing)

SAFE will undertake an assessment of the needs of the young carer and their family and implement with them and other key professionals and family members a plan to meet these needs.

To access SAFE a referral is needed to Ealing Children’s Integrated Response Service (ECIRS)
020 8825 8000 / ECIRS@ealing.gov.uk

General queries
SAFE West 020 8825 9800, safewestteam@ealing.gov.uk
SAFE East 020 8825 7606, actonealingsafe@ealing.gov.uk

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Last updated: 31 Aug 2023

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