How to access the SEND professional portal

To access the SEND professional portal, you are required to download a free app called 2FA Authenticator.

About 2FA Authenticator app

This app is only 2MB and does not retain your personal information or any other sensitive information.

The app provides a second form of verification, a six-digit secure passcode. This will be required each time you sign in. Do not delete the app or the code.

Download 2FA Authenticator app

To download 2FA Authenticator:

  • Open the App Store or the Play Store app
  • Type 2FA Auth in the search.
  • Select the 2FA Authenticator (2FAS) app with a red badge and three white lines.
    2FA Authenticator (2FAS) app image
  • Install the app.

Log in details

Only Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari are compatible with the portal.

An email with the subject SEND professional portal will be sent from containing your username and temporary password.

Copy and paste the URL: into the browser search bar.

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Last updated: 05 Apr 2024

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