Building my future (BMF) programme

We are delighted that Ealing’s Building My Future Programme (BMF) was selected as the Winner of the Early Intervention Award, and proud to also have been shortlisted for the Public Sector Children’s Team Award at the Children & Young People Now Awards 2021.

Thank you and congratulations to the BMF team, parents, carers, young people and our service partners, who collectively designed and implemented the BMF model.

The Awards panel recognised that BMF, a multi-agency, multi-professional team can be innovative, dynamic, responsive and work very effectively in supporting and improving the outcomes for children and young people with complex additional needs, their family and their school/college.

Watch the moment we became winners of the early intervention award:

Watch the moment we were shortlisted for the public sector children’s team award:

Read more on the Children and Young People Now Awards website

The DfE children’s social care innovation unit funded building my future (BMF) programme has now come to end.

The BMF team and management group would like to express our thanks and gratitude to all the individuals, teams, schools, colleges and agencies who have supported and encouraged us in developing a model of practice which enables effective multi agency multi-disciplinary practice resulting in very good outcomes for young people and families. This is expressed in our BMF model of practice.Ealing build my future logo

In particular we would like to thank the Ealing parent carer forum, parents/carers and young people we have worked with, who have co-produced the BMF model with us and generously offered their time, knowledge and commitment from the writing of the initial bid in 2017 to concluding the project with us in 2021.

The BMF management and steering group would also like to express their thanks to all the BMF staff members , past and present, who have all shown unwavering drive, enthusiasm and determination to demonstrate that a multi professional multi-agency team can be innovative and effective in supporting young people and families.

Our approach

BMF developed a new approach in working with young people with complex additional needs, their families and school/college, where there may be difficulties accessing the curriculum or in attendance.

The BMF team offered intensive support, working with young people:

  • aged 5 to 25 years
  • resident in Ealing
  • who have learning difficulties (specific or general) and/or Autism/Asperger’s
  • who may not have a formal diagnosis.

The young person might also:

  • present behaviours that challenge
  • be missing out on education/employment
  • have mental health needs
  • or might be at risk of offending.

BMF team

A dedicated multi-disciplinary BMF team worked collectively to improve the well-being, participation and attainment of young people in mainstream education and employment and included:

Clinical and educational psychologists

  • social workers
  • occupational and speech and language therapists
  • youth workers
  • Connexions careers advisors.

Building my future (BMF) learning library

We are sad the project has ended. Moving forward we will increase our learning to positively influence change across the wider services. The BMF learning library is the ongoing legacy of the BMF programme. The BMF learning library includes:

  • BMF practice handbook
  • BMF bulletins about co-production, goal setting professional reflection and anti racism
  • BMF videos, podcasts
  • BMF external evaluations.
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Last updated: 31 Aug 2023

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